With the increase in blended learning opportunities and more concern with using materials legally, creating your own images, videos and resources is one solution.

Today we have many resources in our pockets with our smart phones. Use your phone and media creation apps to make your own media resources.


Here is a new Blurb Mobile story that I made today to include on my Greeley History site. This is an app that you make an account to use then it uploads your story to their site. You then can share the link to your stories. So far there isn’t an embed code.

Most iPhone Apps that I share in my presentation will have more than one way to share your creations. Some will be best to save to your photoroll then transfer to iPhoto or your photo folder on your computer. Others can be emailed to yourself, uploaded to sites to either share the link or get an embed code.

I always be sure that I can easily use my media creations that I make on the iPhone. Check out the sharing possibilities of the app and choose which one will work best for your project.