I have just upgraded my phone from a iPhone 4 to the 5s. The camera is much improved so I am looking to do even more with video and photos for my school.

I have my new Joby Gorrilla tripod and will be looking to add a wireless mic.

Stay tuned for which solution I find.


I use my iPhone with Keynote Remote app to control my Keynote presentation on my Mac so I can roam the space and see my notes. However, yesterday the wireless connection was almost non-existent. So I could not use my iPhone, and therefore, could not see my notes easily!

This morning I remembered that I can set up an ad hoc connection! So the plan today is to use the ad hoc until I need to go to the internet.

I love all of the creative fun things that can be done with my iPhone and a few apps. I also used a similar image created with ImageChef for my introduction at MassCue 2011. There is a version online, but I think the iPhone app is better because you don’t get the watermarks on your images.

Lifecards is another postcard app from the app store. It allows for many different choices in layout. You may even use it to create a short article or newsletter.

Sample Lifecards article or newsletter

This is an example of how you may use Lifecards in the classroom.

Here is a new Blurb Mobile story that I made today to include on my Greeley History site. This is an app that you make an account to use then it uploads your story to their site. You then can share the link to your stories. So far there isn’t an embed code.

Most iPhone Apps that I share in my presentation will have more than one way to share your creations. Some will be best to save to your photoroll then transfer to iPhoto or your photo folder on your computer. Others can be emailed to yourself, uploaded to sites to either share the link or get an embed code.

I always be sure that I can easily use my media creations that I make on the iPhone. Check out the sharing possibilities of the app and choose which one will work best for your project.

Today Phoster has an update that allows you to change the colors! I was too excited. You may change the color of the far background. Not the elements. Maybe next time!

360Panorama also has a few updates.

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