PLN Influence

Labor Day weekend, I am going to Boston and Maine for a short 5 day trip. Of course I will be collecting images and video and information to share with my students. Both as media for them to use and for me to use in my presentations.

Yesterday, though, I thought somehow I need to show my students that I can share my learning with them even though they will be in Colorado, and I will be in Boston. I was thinking SKYPE would be awesome, but I am not sure if a sub would be able to conduct a session. I have now learned that I can not SKYPE video using my iPhone. I can UStream, however. I will add a live UStream channel before I leave. I will also need to check that UStream isn’t blocked.

I may also do an everytrailvirtual field trip. I could be sure to keep this blog updated and update my school Facebook and share via Twitter.I could add things to our wiki. It would be great to upload video quickly to a YouTube account and have the Sub project on the Promethean Board. But I am not sure a Sub would have that know how.

Light bulb moment! I need to teach one of my students how to use the Promethean Board and maybe even how to set up watching UStream. I need to remember that I have a school full of Digital Learners who are more than capable of running the show. I need to let go, and let them take on more responsibility for their learning.

Wow! If I did not start writing this Blog, I may not have solved my problem. Thanks PLN for encouraging blogging.


Already this morning via my PLN on Twitter I have some ideas for a few suggested projects for my fifth graders. They are already familiar with Wordle, and I was going to introduce Picnik this year. Today I was looking at the new options on Picknik and the light bulb went on inside my head. I am going to show a few tools and let them decide on one or more to introduce themselves to the class.

My idea is to have some examples then offer a menu of choices. Of course, students may use more than one tool. I am thinking some may want to do a Digital Autobiography of sorts. How exciting would that be?

2010-2011 looks to be an exciting year.