I am an elementary school librarian or more accurately, I am an Information Literacy Teacher. I love multi-media and love how easy it is to create wonderful resources for my classes using my iPhone.

You can see some of the ways I use my iPhone on my Greeley History Website; http://greeleyhistory.org


4 Responses to “About Ms. Sara Brooks”

  1. Bruce O'Dell from Burroughs 1974 Says:

    Good insights.
    I’m endeavoring to get people back to less technological solutions and finding I must use media to do the job. Ironic.

    Teaching natural vegetable fermentation, brewing or baking with sourdough via multimedia is at least a way to get young people to start using their minds. Once that happens we can get hearts and hands to do things humans have been doing as long as we’ve been human.

    If their interest is up, they can self-motivate. Can’t get them interested anymore without electrons. One of your pieces described the phones coming out when they get bored. I don’t think it is boredom anymore. They are addicted. Literately walking next to each other, texting rather than speaking.

    Great seeing your smiling face Sara, Was doing some searching for media in Education and found a dear friend from High school. btw Libraries are still one of my favorite indoor spaces & librarians rock!

    Bruce O’Dell

  2. mssarabrooks Says:

    Hey there “Will!” So are you baking bread and brewing beers? If you are on Facebook, Teresa Orr, Katie Sewell and a few others of us are always looking for healthy natural foods to cook.

    I agree that it is also important to get kids connected to the natural. I also do worm bins with kids.

    Keep in touch!
    “Aunt Eller”

  3. Bruce O'Dell from Burroughs 1974 Says:

    Doing lotsa composing here too. Vermaculture is the ‘cure’ for what ails us. I messaged you on Facebook. Actually in the process of writing on my wall about chancing into you.

    Doing a huge batch of Kraut since Patty’s day brings out the best cabbage prices. That’s what got me looking for media techniques. I’m just been doing stills, but want to really show these young people how easy these things are. I’ve got a nice following, but would like to reach more. So many precious skills being lost to instant gratification and the desire to ‘Watch, vice Do’.

    My facebook name is “Sayer de Wahull” look for me to send you a friend request. Glad we chanced to bump into each other.

  4. mssarabrooks Says:

    My kids loved these videos. I think humor and fun engages them then hit them with the “facts.”

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