I used to not think it was important to edit pictures taken with the iPhone. I still think for most uses, you can use photos straight from the photo roll. However, I am starting to do a lot more editing on my photos, here is why:

Our students are bombarded with media all day long. They see images, hear sounds, watch videos, play games, etc from the time they wake up until they are asleep! So if we want to engage or interest our students by including multi-media in our lessons, we need to ensure that we only use quality media and interesting media. Students are not engaged by images alone. To increase the quality and interest of images, video, or audio files, we can use one or more apps to edit and enhance our media. I know that I am guilty of using an out of focus or dark or light image just to use an image. It would be better to not use the image at all. However, there are many apps that can help save some of those unusable images, and apps that can make an ordinary image into an extraordinary image. My goal is to only use quality, interesting images in my lessons and materials this year.

This year I am going to work on improving my use of various editing apps to increase the interest level and quality of my images. I am participating in the 365 Photos using the 365Photos app. I think, it will help me think about composition and encourage finding interesting subjects for photos. I am also going to aim to work on editing at least one image a day using my iPhone and apps to include in my iPhoneography set on Flickr. If I am on top of my game, I will try to keep track of the apps used to create the images.

Looking forward to growing my iPhoneography skills over 2012!