My District is going to offer a 3 day institute on creating multi-media for classrooms. One day is how to use a digital camera and another how to use a camcorder and the last is how to use screen casting software. Schools will have to purchase a bundle at about $800 to send a team of 3.

I have no problem with having the class. But I do think we have schools that already have equipment that isn’t being used that after the class, teachers would use. So I am not too crazy about requiring the bundle.

Another problem with teaching specific equipment is that there is limited access to the bundle. If three take the class and there is one digital camera and one camcorder, two may be left out.

That is why I almost always use my iPhone to create my media. It is with me, I don’t have to check it out, I don’t have to set it up, I can edit and share directly from my phone most of the time. I can do stills, video, edit , apply filters and special effects, create audio, slideshows, annotate pdfs, create QR codes. use the GPS feature, and more.

I have a few accessories that make the iPhone better to use for media, but they are easy to use and usually easy to have with me.

As for screen casting, love the QuickTime X on my Mac! Can we say, “Free!”