One of the tools I use while presenting is my iPhone. I use it as a remote, and it also displays my notes. I love it because it is easy and frees me from looking at the laptop.

For MassCue 2011, I left my iPhone at my hotel and did not have time to get it. So I had to switch my presentation from mirroring to presenter mode. So I was tethered to my laptop and my hyperlinks could not work. (I did not know the trick of pressing x to switch back to mirror and again to presenter) I had never tried or practiced using the Keynote in presenter screen so it was new to me. Now I will practice in that mode, as well.

Next time I don’t have my iPhone or it doesn’t work as a remote, I know now that I can use the x key to change my display options within Keynote. (I will be testing this next week at school. I don’t have a projector at home.) I will also have practiced using plan b.

I have been thinking of adding a plan C. Another solution may be to be prepared to go old school with a print out of slides and notes in hard copy for back up! So my next presentation will be prepared to go old school as well as using tech.

Technology is awesome when it works as planned, but it is important to be prepared for the occasional glitch, as I learned this last week.