Bookmarks for Greeley History

Sample Bookmarks made using Mobile Photobooth and Pages

I am loving making bookmarks using Mobile Photobooth. Keep in mind that the photobooth will trim off the edges of photos from your photo roll. Some pictures may not work. You may always take photos directly in the app, as well. It creates some awesome bookmarks. I email the strips to myself then import them into Pages (Mac) then resize them to be 8 inches long. (1.6 inches wide) I then put them in front of a white rectangle that is 2 inches by 8.5 inches. I center the images on the rectangle. I then group the rectangle with the strip. I can fit 3 bookmarks on a sheet. You may create bookmarks in color or greyscale or both!

I then created a bookmark template so all I have to do is drag the strip to the image place holder to create the bookmarks. Email me for the Pages Template. I would be glad to share.