So many ideas swimming around inside my head this morning after reading through the tweets posted by my PLN. There were several blogs linked that made me stop and think, “Wow! I never thought about it from that prospective. I need to change what I do.”

First blog to catch my eye was this one I have been thinking about how I use my computer lab space, and this has made me stop to think about assigning seats at all in the lab. So I may abandon assigned seats soon.

As a read through the article another caught my eye My goal for this year is to create more of a workshop purpose rather than just instruct, give an assignment, evaluate the assignment then repeat. I want kids in control of their learning and to work in groups.

But I think this article spoke the most to me about how I sometimes treat students in school. I know I tend to not let kids go to the bathroom often during computer/ library because in my mind, they will miss too much class time. Especially since I see them once or less each week for a total of 50 minutes that includes book check out. But the truth is, a child who needs to go to the bathroom will not be fully engaged, and if a child is asking to go when they don’t need to go, the child isn’t fully engaged either. Instead of repeating my usual mantra, “Is it an emergency….. Can you wait until after class…. No, you always ask to go ….” . I need to thoughtfully consider why the child is asking. If they need to go, they need to go at that time. If they don’t need to go but are asking because of boredom or a need to move, I need to adjust what I am doing to see if I can better engage that student or to allow them more movement.

Now I have several classroom changes to make and students arrive tomorrow! I guess this is what makes teaching kids fun. It is always changing.